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Why Creative Games Are Important For Young Children

Growing up with creative games helps a child become more functional in today’s world. Children use games to learn. Creative games help with moral upbringings and the creative development of the personality. They help develop the ability to communicate, gives them the feeling of cooperation and responsibility.

Try to find games that are fun and that exercise their imagination at the same time. Children love to make things for their parents or other people they love. My granddaughter lives across the street from a Nursing Home, she is always thinking of the residents and thing she can do to brighten their day. This week we made Christmas cards. It only took blank paper, crayons, and candy canes. She was very excited with all her hard work and filled with joy passing them out to the elderly, also she kinda likes the love and hugs she always gets. I believe this simple act makes her a more compassionate person and learns to care about others.

Creative games can be as simple as the blank paper and an idea. Give a child a great idea they will make up a new game, give you wonderful little things to cherish and teach them all at the same time. We have an arts and craft box filled with simple things like paper, construction paper, glue, glitter, ribbons, foam balls, feathers, pipe cleaners and things like paper towel rolls, egg cartons, things from around the house but it all gets used by little imaginations. You cannot help a child be creative with all the video games and TV or cell phones. I think these things a making our children into unruly, selfish and uncaring little people.