Ten Tips of How to Become More Creative

Don’t you love it when your creativity manifests itself? Creativity brings us benefits that go far beyond artistic expression. Being a creative person can help you to be a better (and higher paid) employee, a better problem solver and an all around more effective person in anything you choose to do.

Even if you don’t think of yourself as an especially creative person, you’ll be glad to know that it’s there within you just waiting for you to use it! Creativity can be expressed in many different ways. Plus, there are many techniques you can use to develop and nurture your natural creativity.

Like many people, you may think that you’re either creative or you’re not. What a myth! If you long to be more creative, then go for it! Here are ten tips you can use to become a new, more creative you:

1. Think of yourself as creative. We all have the spark of creativity inside us; it’s just a matter of fanning that flame to keep it alive, as well as knowing where your particular brand of creativity is best applied.

The first step is to know that you’re creative. Think positively about this and work to see your creative side whenever possible.

2. Think creatively. If there are two solutions to a problem, try them both. Try out your new ideas, even if they seem a little outlandish at first. These fresh, outside the box, perspectives can lead to huge breakthroughs.

Telling yourself that you’re creative is only the beginning; try to think creatively whenever possible.

3. Put your new ideas into action. Don’t worry what other people will think. By trying out your creative ideas, even if you don’t succeed at first, you’ll learn something and give your creativity a chance to flourish.

Don’t be afraid to try new things.

4. Don’t over-think things; just go ahead and do it! Rather than thinking of all the reasons NOT to do something, think positively and take a risk. If you have always wanted to try writing or painting, just get it on paper (or canvas, as the case may be) immediately.

Let your creative impulses run wild.

5. Be inspired! Pay a visit to a museum, take in a play, try going somewhere you’ve never been or seeing something you’ve never seen.

Inspiration sparks creativity.

6. Make time for your creative outlets. We’re all busy these days. Be sure to schedule some time for your creative pursuits. Put yourself in front of your instrument, your computer, or whatever your medium may be for a few hours each week and let your creativity come out.

7. Enjoy yourself. Make your creative endeavor a joy, not a chore. This will ensure the continued flow of creative energies.

8. Play creative games. This is a fun way to foster creativity! Get together with friends and play charades or another game where success hinges on being expressive and coming up with creative ways to communicate.

9. Try a new creative medium. If you have chosen a creative medium, try mixing it up when you get into a rut. If you write, try playing music. If you’re a dancer, try painting – you get the idea.

Shake things up to get some new ideas and perspectives.

10. Take a break! If you’re stuck for ideas, don’t sit there in your workspace staring at the walls. Even the most creative people need to take some time off. This can allow a blocked well of creativity to flow again.

Get outside for a bit to recharge your creative energies.

Remember to be patient when nurturing your creativity. This shouldn’t be a stressful activity. Make a habit of enjoying these techniques every day and one day soon you just may discover that you’re one of the most creative people out there!

Fun-Filled Learning Through Brain Teaser Games

A healthy and strong brain guarantees an active and satisfied life. In today’s fast paced life, a vast majority of people is not able to maintain a regular exercise schedule. Due to their hectic routines, they usually don’t get enough time to take part in other healthy activities. However, there are a few fun activities which play an important role in brain enhancement and development. Brain teaser games are a significant part of these activities that help to maintain a healthy mind.

Brain puzzles, optical illusions, jigsaw puzzles, and other games are classified as activities that entertain and develop your brain. Such games are particularly useful in keeping your brain healthy and active. These games may increase your attention span. With such activities, you may determine the factors that distract your prolonged attention, means to improve your memory, and learn how to give extreme attention to minute details. Such games test your visual perception, peripheral vision, and ability to interpret things correctly.

Brain teaser games involve mental and intellectual thinking, creativity, and logical abilities. They encourage your brain to efficiently solve a problem and come up with diverse solutions. They force individuals to consider the most unusual aspects. The temporal and frontal areas of your brain are responsible for memory. It is important to stimulate these areas on a regular basis to maintain an active and properly functioning brain.

There are various kinds of brain puzzles that may sharpen your mental abilities and help you to keep your brain in a better condition. With such brainteasers, you are likely to enhance your concentration and other general abilities. Several medical studies have indicated that brain teaser games reduce chances of disorders like dementia. They usually help to improve academic performance and critical thinking capabilities of children. To improve your mental abilities, opt for such games that include optical illusion as they not only improve concentration, but are also a means of entertainment.

With efficient brain puzzles, you can develop your sensory and creative skills. They may improve your literary skills and introduce kids to new words and help them to improve their vocabulary. There are plenty of games that develop problem solving and thinking abilities in young kids which is extremely important at an early age.

Such creative games help children enjoy great benefits like increased attention, enhanced thinking abilities, improved memory, and advanced means of learning. These games not only improve your knowledge, but also boost your self-confidence.

Preparing Your Little Girls For Future Careers Through Girl Games Online

Did you know that while your children are young, their mental skills can develop? And did you know that girls have amazingly powerful ability to learn as compared to boys? Well this fact is true and is fairly proven. Girls enjoy imaginative games or simulation wherein they pretend to be someone they want to be and enjoys every minute of it without interruption. If you haven’t realized it then you should know that these games that they play are more challenging and requires more ability and cognitive skills than you think.

There are toys that can encourage your young girls to enhance their thinking ability and their creativity like cooking games and dress up games. These games allow them to act their part with more realistic tools at hand. Do you remember you days when you were younger when all you want to do is help out your mother in the kitchen, though she won’t allow you to for the danger it may cause you?

Do you remember playing around the garden looking for plants and flowers, and pretending to cook them? Well every girl has had these experiences; the only difference is that today your little ones can play them virtually with more food variety and more cooking practices available.

They can cook burgers and bake pizza, literally put icing on top of their own cakes and decorate them according to their taste. Now imagine having that when you were younger, do you think your childhood cooking experience would be more enjoyable than it was? Well all I can say is that these young girls are lucky for they get to have a first hand experience on virtual cooking than most girls of my age.

Experts have just recently explored the world of virtual games for girls, most of them are focused on keeping the boys satisfied with violent games and sex related theme games. Girl games are calmer and more peaceful than girl games. These people have literally taken a girl’s interest and apply it on virtual games, of course not literally but you get the idea?

Cooking games varies from style and complexity; it promotes organization, creativity, and discipline. Cooking games include food serving, and food decoration. Your girl would literally feel like they are real chefs in Italy’s best restaurant.

For mothers who are in worry about exposing their young children to the violent world of internet, then worry no more for these girl games are way different than violent boys games, in fact your little girls will benefit from it. It is simply a high tech version of creative games that forces your children to think and be able to express themselves according to what they wish to become.

You can never be sure of your child’s future by because these girl games introduces different career to these young folks, some of them may become real chefs someday or couture designers, as you expose these little ones to the world of varying careers, their interest is triggered and so does their dream to become real ones someday.

Quick Creativity – Games That Take 5 Minutes or Less

Being creative doesn’t have to take a lot of time or equipment. Here are 10 activities you can do with your child in less than 5 minutes.

One word stories – Set a stop watch for 5 minutes and begin telling a story. Have every person in turn add one word at a time to create a creative, collaborative story.
Memory recall – This game can be adapted to your environment. You can do this by having your child study items on a tray, or a picture or their surroundings for two minutes. Have them then close their eyes and try to remember as many details as they can. This is a fun exercise that creates a valuable awareness of your environment.
Hum that tune – Practice memory recall and music skills by taking turns humming a popular tune or song and have the others try to guess.
Ink Blot paintings – Create unique ink blot art by folding paper in half and reopening. Drop blobs of paint over half of the paper and refold and then open to create an ink blot pattern. Use your imagination to see what shapes or stories the picture holds. If you do not have paint you can also draw random squiggles and shapes on the paper and do the same.
Collaborative Artwork – Set a timer for 30 seconds and have the first person start drawing, painting, shaping, gluing etc. when the time is up pass on the picture until everyone has had a turn and you have created a great piece of artwork.
This could be used for…- Choose an object and list as many different uses for the item as you can think of in 5 minutes. For example: a brick could be used for – a paperweight, a doorstop, an exercise weight, a foot stool, a planter pot, a meat mallet, a sandwich press (if wrapped in aluminum foil) or a piece of artwork if decorated with chalk or paint. Be on the lookout for good ideas – many inventions are just finding a new and unique use for something that already exists!
People watching story – While you are out and about take note of interesting people and create stories about them. Who they are, what they are doing, where they are going, why they are going. You can make these as real or fanciful as you can imagine.
Taste-test – Head to the fridge or pantry and select 5 items. Blindfold your child and allow them to taste and have one minute to guess what each item is. If you are with more then one child have them race to guess the item first.
What’s different – Send your child out of the room and select 5 – 10 (depending on the age of your child) things in the room and rearrange them. Give your child 5 minutes to find and fix everything that is out of place – such as pictures hung upside down, or a bed made with pillows at the foot of the bed etc.
Improv music – Have a jam session. Set the timer for 5 minutes (for your sanity) using only items that are found in the room that you are in for instruments. See who can come up with the most creative instrument or make the most unique sound.

There are plenty of opportunities to get creative – all it takes is 5 minutes!

Sesame Street Online Toddler Games – The Most Educational and Creative Games

Having your toddler play computer games is a great way for them to advance their educational skills. One of the most popular games they can play is the different Sesame Street online toddler games. They often end up liking these games more than others because they get to use the computer. Children, even at the young toddler age, enjoy learning all they can about computers. That is important in today’s world because so much emphasis is put on using computers. With the Sesame Street games, your child will feel as if he or she is at the show participating with the characters.

One of the best reasons why Sesame Street online toddler games are fun for your children is because of how educational they are. They make the games exactly like the television show, so you will know ahead of time that your child is interested in the game. The game is full of color and liveliness, so your child will never start to get bored with this game. Sesame Street has been teaching children that it is fun to learn for years, so you as a parent can rest assured knowing that your child is playing an educational game.

Another thing that children like about the Sesame Street online toddler games is that the different games feature the beloved Sesame Street characters. Your child will be able to choose what character’s game they want to play based on how much they love that character. In addition, the games also are available free of charge. This is important these days considering how much everyone has to watch what they spend. You will not have to sacrifice your child’s learning and play time because Sesame Street games are free. Your child can choose from counting games to rhyming or even learn the different animal sounds.

The Sesame Street online toddler games are great for parents because the Web site is designed for easy navigation. You can browse the different games by character, theme or subject. This will come in handy when your toddler is impatiently waiting to play their favorite game. You will be able to find their game quickly. The games are so educational that your child can learn about health and safety one minute then learn about feelings the next. There are so many games that you will not have to worry about your child getting bored with them.

Time Management Tips – Outsmart Perfectionism and Reduce Stress Using This Creative Game

Time management tips can save the day when you’re paralyzed over a project. You can have fun with them, too! Never underestimate the power of creative play to restore flow.

Do you ever freeze up when a deadline looms, the clock is ticking, and you are stuck in a rut? It can be a nightmarish feeling, can’t it?

Sometimes, the harder you try, the more your mind goes blank. Panic mounts as your ideas and inspiration dry up. Brainstorming, or mind mapping, is an excellent way to creatively open up options. By sketching out your ideas as simple phrases in balloons, connecting and building on them, you automatically revert to the creative side of your brain. But sometimes, self-consciousness steps in. And you hear messages like:

“Nobody’s going to like that!”

“This just has to be perfect!”

“Everyone’s going to see how ____ you are!”

You try old standby solutions like taking a quick walk to clear your head. But when you return to your desk, the critical voices are still there, just waiting to start in on you again.

Well, there’s one tip that can be a lifesaver in a situation like this. Moreover, it’s a game you can enjoy at other times, too. Often, it stimulates creativity that enriches other projects, as well. It’s an entirely counter-intuitive tip – and that’s its beauty.

Game: Turn Your Inner Critic on Its Head!

The next time you are stuck, generate the absolute worst version of whatever you are working on that you are capable of creating. If you are writing a sales page, or a blog post, or copy for a press release, throw yourself into it with the mindset that you are going to stretch the limits of bizarre. See if you can make it destined to shock and disappoint! Throw in everything that you might have censored, and exaggerate it to the hilt. Have fun with it.

What this does, as you may intuit, is stop your critical inner voice from looking over your shoulder. Or, more precisely, you gain control over this voice by actively choosing to have it contribute to your project… rather than your shrinking from its catcalls from the sidelines.

What does your inner critic think is a really terrible headline for your next E-zine article? What would guarantee that your report would create shrieks of outrage? Go ahead and write your entire article from this vantage point. Enjoy the process, and as you relax, you are free move ahead on your project, knowing you’ve neutralized your critical voice to provide comic relief, and nothing more.

Before you know it, the ideas will be pouring out. You may be pleasantly surprised with the new inspirations that come about as a result of this counter-intuitive time management tip!

Give it a try, and play with variations. Make this exercise your own, and you’ll feel more refreshed and engaged at the end of your workday.

Now, how can you expand your life and make even more of your time using time management tips?

Fun Adult Outdoor Party Games

When it comes to fun outdoor party games for adults and even kids, there are many game ideas you can choose from. But one thing stays the same and that is the fact that playing games at your outdoor party is a great creative way to bring everyone a fun time.

A great party usually has a few key things: good food, good company, and fun activities to keep everyone entertained. And when you host an outdoor party, you even have more opportunities to play lots of interesting games.

You will discover some of the most popular entertaining games and activities you can play at your party.

Top 3 Fun Outdoor Games and Activities

When the weather is nice and it is welcoming for your party outdoors, here are some easy creative game ideas you can choose from.

1. Outdoor Activity: Pool Party Games

If you have a swimming pool in your house, a pool party is a fantastic idea in summer. Everyone – kids, adults, and teenagers – enjoy a nice time by the water.

Whether your guests prefer to relax and sunbathe by the pool, or play more exciting games inside the water that needs more physical activities, it is guaranteed that they will enjoy these pool party games.

2. Outdoor Game: Water Balloon

This game is similar to the normal volleyball but instead is played with a fun water balloon. It is usually a favorite activity to play among kids and teenagers, though adults with a fun sense of adventure will certainly enjoy it too.

3. Outdoor Game: Board Games

If you are looking for fun activity ideas for adults with less need of running around, you can simply play your favorite board game. Whether you enjoy strategic games or funny and easy ones, board games are an easy and free way to enjoy an afternoon outdoors with friends.

Generally, suggesting fun game ideas to play is an easy way to help everyone have a fabulous time. It also helps people open up and make friends with each other more easily. A little creativity goes a long way.

Other than fun game ideas to play outdoors, there are many entertaining activities and games that you can also play with your guests indoors. Most of these activities are free and very easy to arrange. Always a good way to bring more amusement, even if the weather outside is not the best for outdoor parties.

Good luck planning fun game ideas for your fabulous party!

Be a Fashion Enthusiast With Bratz Games

It is often difficult to bring out the best fashion in you when you do not love fashion in the first place. Putting altogether the essential pieces should be able to give you the modern splendour and become chic in every way. Being a fashion enthusiast let you exemplify whatever the fashion medium is whether it is on dressing up, doing a complete makeover and even games! Games? No, I am not mistaken. Bring out the passion for fashion in you and give the superb fashionista look with Bratz games!

Of course everybody knows the Bratz. These four best friends have their own way of expressing themselves through fashion. Meet Jade, Sasha, Chloe and Yasmin with Bratz games. Have fun with them as both of you explore the fashion world of dolls.

One of the most exciting Bratz games that you can play is the Bratz décor game. Help Cloe and Yasmin decorate the Bratz living room before the guests come for the dinner party in celebration of the success of the last week’s fashion runaway show! The girls just bought new furniture and they have to be place properly and neatly. Set the curtain, the pin lights, sofa set, the television, sound system in place. Hang the frames to the wall and find the flowers that would match the beauty of the living room. One of the most creative Bratz games, this game help you become an instant interior designer! If you are aspiring to be one, don’t miss this creative game and be guided by our beautiful Bratz girls!

Before the dinner party, the Bratz needs a complete makeover. Though it is a fact that there are no instances that they are not fashionable both in the manner and in dressing up, they have to be gorgeous for the occasion. Shell out all your creative imagination with one of the most exciting Bratz games with the Bratz dress up! Help the Bratz find the best pieces of clothing appropriate for the occasion. Sasha as the most fashionable of them all needs a white cocktail dress and help her find the red clutch. Give them the super styling look! Yasmin on the other hand, prefer the black and white floral shirt. Actually, whatever clothing that you let them wear on, their apparent look will match every clothing! Give them the refined high fashion twist and refreshing glare!

Complete the Bratz games with Bratz makeover. Wash and dry their hair, style their hair, add the unique color, and highlight their locks. Sweep colourful eye shadow, choose the color and viola! The eye-popping look! Don’t forget the blush on, the lipstick and the glitter!
Use your creative imagination with Bratz games and have fun!

Find Out the Top 3 Benefits of Online Games

Games are an essential part of the lives of children when growing up as well as their elders. With the emergence of the internet and other advanced technological knowhow, we now not only have outdoor games, but a rising trend of indoor online options. Playing games on the internet has become a favorite activity for many game lovers, especially the children. They have become a great source of leisure and entertainments for people. Many websites avail these games.

They offer a range of entertainment options for people, depending on the gamer’s interest; there are many categories of games from which they can choose the one they like to play. They include casino games, 3D-games among, many others. Parents just have to create reasonable guidelines with their children and draw positive agreements around playing these games to enhance internet safety. They should also frequently monitor the activities that your child takes part in while online closely to ensure that they are appropriate.

· Reduce stress

Due to the many entertainment options they offer, these games are known to reduce any mental stress and frustrations that the user may have by providing humorous and creative games for them. Playing your favorite game is the best way of relaxing and feeling good.

· Boosting of intelligence

Playing online games contributes to the growth of the intellectual capacity of the children as it triggers their thinking capability. Most of these games can be played with scientific calculations for you to make a perfect move, enhancing the math and computation skills of the child. They are known as logic games. They trigger the creativity of children as well. Sometimes, they are required to choose and customize animals, in turn sparking the child’s creativity. Furthermore, it has been said that children who play games that are video based on a regular basis have better eye-hand coordination than those who do not play video games

· Boost of online social skills

Some of the games may require your children to interact with other players in the game. This is a very good opportunity for parents to have a talk with their children on how they should conduct themselves online and how much information they ought to share online. This gives them an opportunity to develop appropriate online social skills, which can in turn be used in the outside virtual environment. In addition to that, the children are able to learn about different cultures; given the diversity of people playing online. This is very beneficial to their social growth and development.

Inculcating Creative Skills in Children – What Parents Can Do?

Every child is born with some ingenious quality. As parents, you just need to polish and fine tune that skill. Let children solve problems on their own, and as parents, you too can sit with them and work out materials side by side. Through quiz sessions, story sessions, music lessons and by ensuring that your child participates in different creative games such as building blocks, scrabble, dumb charades etc you can ensure that your child hones his/her creative skills.

As parents, you can always instill creative skills in your children by helping them to count, sort, explore and experiment individually. Children’s imaginative power can be honed with puzzles and games made specifically for them. Make them spend time with concrete materials so that they can understand abstract concepts such as numbers, signs and symbols, shapes and relationships. Don’t make learning a boring task -rather make it fun for them. It is your responsibility as a parent to ensure that your children enjoy learning!

Read stories to your child at any time of the day which is convenient to you. It need not be necessarily before bedtime only. Ask him/her questions about what you read, to see whether he is paying attention or not. Questioning children in a sense helps to develop listening skills, absorbing power and at the same time helps to inculcate in him/her the power to reason. Make reading a habit and when your children grow up; fix a reading session with your kid every day to make it all the more interesting and fun-filled.

Building blocks are yet another fantastic game that will help your child develop independence and individuality. Apart from that there are various other creative educational games out in the market which can help the kids learn coordination and planning, increase their general knowledge and develop their ability to communicate and be responsible. Parents can always buy these educational fun games and make learning an enjoyable affair for their children.

Some other techniques you can adapt to enhance your a child’s personality are –

•Drawing figures of animals or birds and making them guess the correct animal or bird’s name

•Play let’s draw each other – you can have a lot of fun in this game and at the same time this interaction helps you to come close to your child.

•Identify the object by sound – this helps the child to improve his listening power and at the same time teaches him/her to be alert.

•Tell A Story – You start a story and let him/her finish it. This improves not only the child’s communication skills but at the same time enhances his/her imagination as well.